About Us

Our history began more than 25 years ago in our native Camaguey, Cuba. Mario Casado and Lisseth Borrego, like two adolescent in love who very early discovered the many things that united them and decided to embark on the journey of life together. And the third musketeer Erbelio Ramos, Lisseth's childhood friend who very soon earned Mario's respect, trust and friendship. For almost 10 years they were partners in various small enterprises, or as they call it in Cuba "socios de lucha". In 2006 Mario and Lisseth emigrated to the USA and for 15 years they paved the way for one day to continue what they had once dreamed of together, to open their own restaurant in a land of freedom and opportunities. At the beginning of 2020 Erbelio finally arrived in the USA, and this is how our K'Bolá Cuban Restaurant & Bar project was born.