About Us

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with K'Bolá Cuban Restaurant & Bar! Over 25 years ago, in the heart of Camaguey, Cuba, a tale of passion and partnership began. Mario Casado and Lisseth Borrego, fueled by love and a shared vision, set forth on their entrepreneurial adventure. Joining their ranks was Erbelio Ramos, a trusted companion from Lisseth's past. Together, they honed their skills in various ventures, known in Cuba as "socios de lucha." In 2006, Mario and Lisseth made the brave move to the USA, paving the way for their culinary dream. Finally, in 2020, Erbelio joined them, marking the birth of K'Bolá Cuban Restaurant & Bar. Taste the culmination of their journey as they bring a taste of Cuba to a land of freedom and limitless opportunities. Welcome to K'Bolá, where every dish tells a story of love, friendship, and the pursuit of delicious dreams.